Saturday, November 18, 2006

I hate MySpace

...and Friendster and all those shitty "social networking" sites. I imagine a prerequisite for starting an account is a desire to connect with your fellow man and wanting to "network socially," whatever the hell that means. In my book, social networking is pretending you're a horny underage schoolgirl who's just looking for a little fun. At any rate, I'm the biggest hypocrite I know because I have an account at both sites. Friendster was my cousin's fault and MySpace is his fault. Let's just call him MySpace boy.

What's disturbing is that I went to MySpace and started creating an account today, but when I tried to sign up, there was a message stating that the email address I entered was already being used. Now, I would definitely remember if I created a MySpace account, and I know I didn't. Out of curiosity, logged in with the email address and used the password that I use for virtually everything else, and voila, I am logged into MySpace. Wtf?

I look at my profile and my full name is listed (not an avatar or screenname or anything else) and I realize that my name has been searchable in MySpace for who knows how long. Considering that I go by "Bluenana" here in the Forest, I think it' s a little obvious that I cherish and am careful to protect my privacy and anonymity.

Anyway, so MySpace boy's been blogging at this social networking site for some time now. I imagine the only reason he's insisting I get an account is so I can read his blog and be impressed by his obviously witty commentary. Don't get me wrong: he's one of the funniest people I know and one day he'll be making tons of money with that humor of his, but seriously? Get a blogger account!


Bavarian said...

My space is annoying! Rissy is finally getting chance to read this. Why didnt anyone call me about popeye before. I heard is getting better and still a bit traumatized.

moonrat said...

thanks to you (i'm pretty sure--you and your magic link buttons) i now have 27 profile views (the day before you wrote this post i had 8).

Bluenana said...

Bavarian, perhaps if you actually answered your phone, someone would have bothered informing you. If you don't call, setup your internet access, or reply to emails, that's probably a clear indicator that you're destined to be out of the loop.

Don't worry, Popeye is fine. He's getting naughtier by the day, which is clearly a sign that he's returning to normal, and he even tried to bite my toes yesterday. He's just really happy to be home.

Moonrat, thank you but I highly doubt I had anything to do with that. It's your magnetic prose that caught an audience in this magical ether.