Sunday, November 19, 2006


In a beautiful gesture by the MIT Hackers, here's this:

Seriously, moisture built up around the corners of my eyes when I saw this. Just gorgeous!



hugguhbear said...

Remember that triforce hoax when we were still in watch city? Those heartless bastards.

Bluenana said...

How could I forget? That hoax consumed my life for weeks. I was scouring the internet for hours and hours, parsing each bit of information I could find on the possible existence of the triforce in OOT. Finally, someone broke down every line of code from that game and made it official that there was no triforce to be found. I continued to see faux triforces all around me for a while after that. It might have been PTSD related.

justice said...

Seriously guys, one day you need to sit me down and teach me whatever language you used in this post because I understood none of it. It's geek to me!