Tuesday, December 26, 2006

God Bless Asians and Burger King

In what is quite possibly the stupidest thing we've done this whole trip, we ventured out into city center early this morning with hopes of taking part in some brutal deep discount post-holiday shopping. No one gave us stupid Americans the memo that the Boxing Day sales begin the day after Boxing Day (St. Stephen's Day) as they call it here. Yes, that'd be tomorrow.

I guess my (no joke) frozen shower I took this morning was completely meaningless. And the 40 minute ride on the Luas was for nothing. Also the hauling of luggage to carry our mounds of shopping goodies was pretty stupid too.

So here we are pulling luggage around like assholes and every shop is shuttered. I am not exaggerating. There is absolutely nothing open on Christmas and St. Stephen's Day. NOTHING. We were profoundly lucky to find a cafe open (run by a handful of Asians who are clearly not going to let a little Irish tradition stand in the way of commerce), otherwise we would have been starved popsicles. And thank goodness for a Burger King, otherwise we would have died of toxic poisoning from not having facilities available.

Well, we'll have to try this whole shopping thing again tomorrow. I did have a chance to drool outside the windows of Monsoon, Oasis, and H&M. EVERYTHING is at least 50% off tomorrow. Hopefully luggage is too because I may need an extra one to haul all my pirate's booty back home.

By the way, did I mention that it's effing cold here? Apparently, no one uses heat, I haven't found any hot water yet, and I may die of hypothermia. As someone said earlier today, Irish people are probably so white because they're partially frozen.

This internet cafe is weirding me out (and the sticky keyboard is pretty nasty too), so that's all for now from Dublin.


moonrat said...

That's my girl! Blogging AND shopping internationally! I'm so proud.

Bluenana said...

Thank you! I've been rather restrained with the shopping on this trip, but I've come away with some sweet finds. Jeff Buckley bootlegs, a gorgeous coat, and a new skirt from Monsoon. Joy, joy!