Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bad blogger

I'm sorry I've been away. This week of work has been hard, to say the least. One of my bosses is out on paternity leave since his wife just had an adorable baby girl, and now I have to function as this horribly overworked hybrid of being my own boss and my own assistant.

I'm so tired. I'll be back soon...I promise.


moonrat said...

hybrids are known for being environmentally and evolutionarily efficient (although they require a little more work to create and maintain). think of yourself as going above and beyond your green call of duty.

moonrat said...

also, you've been forced (by me) on two major dumpling excursions this week. those can be a real time-suck. alas, the burden of having a dumpling-obsessed friend.

Bluenana said...

Yes, I am hard to maintain. Just ask hugguhbear.

Neither of those dumpling excursions were forced. I was and will always be a willing dumpling excursion participant.