Friday, February 23, 2007

Bank idiot, Part 2

Ok, so I now know that when you have a $100 bill to deposit and you want to withdraw $30, you only need to write $70 on the deposit slip.

This time I have a check for $67 and I want to withdraw $20. Do the same rules apply? Or do I have to write out a deposit slip for $67 and a withdrawal slip for $20? Why is this so complicated for me?

This is what I was contemplating all morning during my commute in to work since I planned to stop by the bank before going into the office. To avoid another painfully embarassing scene, I decided that my safest bet would be to get $20 from the ATM machine and then deposit the check with the teller.

Agreed, not the most efficient way to conduct myself, but I couldn't bear any more humiliation.


hugguhbear said...

But you robbed your loyal readers of another laugh out loud moment.

moonrat said...

I think Mr. HB has a point. This isn't just about YOU anymore.