Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Earlier this evening, Lexi spoke some seriously true words: women get dressed up for other women. When you find yourself in an office full of men (ahem, Moonie), you're no longer compelled to glitz up your outfit because, seriously, who are you trying to impress?

As I was getting up to leave my train tonight, I literally bumped into someone I went to high school with. "Oh, sorry" I mumbled, then we recognized one another and made the obligatory hello.

Not so sure where things went sour (well, I have an idea, but nevermind), but over the years, each time we bumped into each other her greetings to me became increasingly dry. A simple "oh, hi!" out of her mouth reached my ears sounding like an "oh fuck."

Well, whatever. I don't care to go into the details of why I think our relationship--once tightknit, friendly, and bestfriendsforever--became this shitty hello, but I do care to say this: I get dressed up everyday not only to impress other women, but for the slim offchance that I'm going to run into one of my frenemies.

Did I feel insecure wearing my super cute herringbone flats, tights, black sheath dress, olive coat with large off-center silver buttons and stand-up collar, coach duffle bag, AND my platinum and diamonds engagement ring? Umm, no.


hugguhbear said...

Hence, the reason I only have REAL friends.

A real friend is there for you no matter how bad the shit gets.

A real friend intuitively knows when something is wrong.

Real friends show compassion for each other when they weren't able to pick up on such things.

Real friends console and don't judge.

Frenemies are simply people who never were real friends. Impostors, frauds, charlatans. These are the words that describe a frenemy.

Thank you for always being my friend.

moonrat said...

Also, real friends love you even though you dress like a bag, and sometimes smell a little bit. Although now you do use soap. ("you" being my ratty self, naturally.)

justice said...

You're my boy Blue! (ok, girl if you want to be technical)

Bluenana said...

HB: I love you.

Moonie: Though we may tease you, we love you just the way you are!

Justice: (strums guitar to "Dust in the Wind")