Friday, March 16, 2007

Kicking my ass

So, I met with a trainer today at my gym to create my new fangled 12-week workout routine. I have to commit 3 days a week and I have to login and record all of my cardio, chest and shoulder presses, bicep and tricep curls, and cruches. Sigh.

Oh, the embarassment of running a gaspy 1/4 mile while someone's watching you. Thankfully Max is a very patient and genial guy who doesn't frown upon you when you're not doing chest presses in the correct form.

I'm sure you're wondering, "Gee, Blue. Why the sudden burst of exercise energy?" The correct answer would be that I want to look hot wearing this:

1 comment:

moonrat said...

heLLO! how could you NOT look hot wearing that?! gyms are SO unnecessary (please don't argue with me, or you'll be dismantling my life's code...).