Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Frames (the recap)

Needless to say, the show was amazing and I loved every minute of it. They played a whopping 21 songs in 2 hours and they would have played another song or two if the venue didn't kick the band out.

HB and I had seats in the far right wing of orchestra (aka-obstructed view) while the first two rows in the theater remained relatively empty. (Either for AMEX gold card holders or the owner's brother). We hemmed and hawed about moving, but were unsure about getting in trouble, worried that the people who had those ticketed seats would show up, blah, blah, but after two songs, Glen Hansard (aka-Irish Jeremy Banks) offered the seats to the first takers. After kicking, shoving, and stepping over bodies, HB and I secured two second row seats in center orchestra. Upgrade!

After the show, I ran to the stage and snagged my very first set list! Wooot!

For the few (if any) Frames fans out there who read this blog, here's the real set list they played:

  1. Song for Someone
  2. Seven Day Mile
  3. The Cost
  4. God Bless Mom
  5. Stars Are Underground
  6. Happy
  7. Sad Songs
  8. When Your Mind's Made Up
  9. What Happens When the Heart Just Stops
  10. Rent Day Blues
  11. Pavement Tune
  12. Fake
  13. Your Face
  14. Santa Maria
  15. Blue Shoes (Colm solo)
  16. Leave
  17. Finally
  18. Revelate
  19. Fitzcarraldo
  20. Star Star
  21. Heyday

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