Saturday, April 28, 2007

The House o' Bloggers

For a long while I've been envious of The House o' Bloggers down on Florida Street in DC. They are: Matthew Yglesias, Kriston Capps, Catherine Andrews, Spencer Ackerman, and "Becks" (didn't figure out her full name). What better way to live than to not have real jobs, blog hard all week long, and be drunk all weekend?

Alright, that's a little hypocritical of me to say. Since I am a) socially awkward with a documented phobia of crowds, b) possibly allergic to alcoholic beverages (it's a shame, right?), and c) employed and happily benefitting from a paycheck (little that it is). At any rate, they're not really all unemployed anymore. At one point they were and I seriously wondered how they afforded rent and groceries.

At any rate, Matt Yglesias has jumped ships from The American Prospect to The Atlantic Monthly and it's official in blog form now. Outside of a new URL, a site redesign, and some Atlantic-branding, it's still pretty much the same good stuff, except for his blogroll.

I found it interesting that his blogroll has been put on a diet, and what's especially noteworthy is the absence of two of his roommates' blogs: Spencer and Becks. You may recognize Spencer's name from his days at The New Republic. It was no secret that he butted heads frequently with the man upstairs and was fired, oh, I mean "quit." Is this the Atlantic's way of demonstrating their disapproval? I don't know, but that's some cold shit, if you ask me.

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