Friday, April 20, 2007

The knot in my stomach

My shack burger, cheese fries, and three berry pie concrete were delicious, but they've dropped like a rock into my troubled stomach.

I think I deeply hurt Moonie's feelings this afternoon and I'm feeling awful about it. It was some poorly timed and only-funny-in-my-head comment about her uncharacteristic tweed suit and pearls outfit and something about growing up white in Connecticut. Yeah, I know, I know. Anyway, I'm feeling so bad that I wish I hadn't eaten 4,000 calories worth of delcious grease and sugar tonight. Oh well. I said I was sorry, but it wasn't enough and I don't know what will be enough. And when a person's mad at you and you feel bad about he/she being mad at you and he/she says that he/she's not mad anymore because he/she doesn't want you to feel bad, it's a lie. He/She is still mad at you and will remember this incident like ammunition for the next fight, if there is a next one.

Sigh. A sour burger surrounded by unhappy, negative stomach acids, and a guilty conscience make for a very unhappy and blue Blue.

1 comment:

moonrat said...

you muppet. the sad truth is i DID grow up in ct.

check your email.