Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm so grateful for the times that my mouth is capable of holding back the flood of verbal diarrhea...or at least the very few times.

For instance, this evening on the subway a woman sat beside me reading NY Times articles printed from the web. (Of course, to save a few bucks, I do the same thing all the time. Plus, it saves my fingers from newspaper ink, which is a huge pet peeve for me.)

However, instead of thinking, "Ah, good for her. A smart woman who prints her articles from the web to save a few bucks," my mind immediately noticed that the printouts had all the extraneous web frames around the articles, which indicates that she uses 1/3 more paper than necessary because she didn't utilize the "print" feature that extracts all the miscellany around the articles and expands the margins. I screamed inside my head, "idiot!!!"

Somehow I held back my frustration with this stranger, though I was very, very close to leaning towards her and pointing to the little printer icon to say, "You know, there's a print function on the site. (finger point) Your 850-word article really doesn't need 5 sheets of paper. Just so you know."

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