Thursday, May 17, 2007

Like lambs to the slaughter

This day can go to hell. While boss #1 is in DC hobnobbing with Democratic presidential candidate, Bill Richardson, I have the great pleasure of treading water with 25-pound rocks shackled to my ankles. Oh, I mean, keeping things afloat while he's away. Lovely.

Yesterday was the torturous publicity meeting where I sat in the hot seat and thoughtfully bobbed my head as we discussed the dismal state of affairs of boss #1's publicity opportunities--or lack thereof--for B-movie extraordinaire's autobiography and the even more dismal state of affairs of even more books. Outside of humiliation, I'm not quite sure what the purpose of the meeting was.

Today was the cover meeting where I was supposed to launch a bunch of books for cover designs, none of which I was prepared for. That went something like this:

Marketing Manager: Okay, so Bluenana is here to launch Boss #1's entire Fall list of book covers. Where would you like to start?
Me: Umm, (incomprehensible mumble).
MM: What?
Me: Well, (insert miscellaneous hems and haws here), we didn't actually discuss launching covers before Boss #1 left for DC.
MM: Oh (looks of malice, scorn, hate, and fury). I guess we'll have to discuss this offline.

At that point, I'm ushered out of the room like a 16-year old pregnant Catholic girl being sent to Wichita, Kansas to "visit her aunt." Sigh.

And furthermore, I hate that word, "offline." In corporate speak it just means, "I will chastise you privately, away from the prying ears of human resources."

I wanna go home. I have disc 4 of The 4400 season 3 and disc 3 of Veronica Mars season 1 waiting for me.


moonrat said...

like a pregnant 16-year-old Castholic girl going to Wichita to visit her aunt....heeheeheehee

moonrat said...

sorry. i shouldn't be laughing at your expense. but you should take heart--you have the ability to turn your own pain into amusement for others. you make the world a better place.

moonrat said...

Oh no. And I'm SO sorry about Veronica. I'll mourn with you even though I've never seen an episode.

Bluenana said...

Aww shucks. Glad I could pitch in.

WHY ARE WE MOURNING VERONICA? I don't know anything about what's going on in the current season, but I heard that V-Mars is getting picked up for a new season. Oh please oh please tell me we're not mourning Veronica.