Friday, May 11, 2007

Skirts and bicycles

I've decided that I want to be one of these cute European girls who cycle around the city in vintage bikes and adorable skirts and dresses.

Like her:

Or her:

Or her (and her awesome sexy leg showing self):

Even though I discovered early on that biking in a skirt and/or dress is a poor decision, I don't care because all of these girls look hot, confident, and amazing. I could never pull off that sexy cool look because I dress like a hobo when I'm not going to work and I dress like a square when I am at work. Envyyyyy.


moonrat said...

Normally I'd say skirt on bike=disaster waiting to happen, but I think Picture #1 clearly illustrates a disaster that has ALREADY happened.

Shaheen said...

Clearly? It's not clear to me, moonrat! What disaster in picture #1?

I'm a bit late to this discussion... I just came across it when searching "dresses" and "bikes" in google; I agree with the poster! I want to be cool like them tooooo

CristinaM said...


Anonymous said...

I also think girls on bikes in dresses and skirts are hot. They're not afraid to flirt with danger.