Saturday, November 18, 2006

The breakup letter

Dear Banana Republic Black Pocketed Full Flannel Skirt,

How could you bail on me? I know it wasn't completely a done deal (since you technically haven't shipped from the warehouse yet), but I've been planning outfits around you! Do you know how much of a hole you've created in my wardrobe? It was supposed to be you, me, tights, knee-high boots, and my navy toggle sweater. Or, you, me, tights, my herringbone flats, a button-down, and my grey wool blazer. I could go on, but you know there's plenty I'm not mentioning here.

You could've at least called. I had to hear the news that you were "unavailable" by email? Well, forget it, Blane. I'm sure Duckie'll take me to the prom instead!

With sincere bitterness,
Heartbroken and Naked in the Forest

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