Saturday, November 18, 2006

Alarm Clock Catastrophe!!

I believe his words were, "Die Asian man caught in bus!! [Dunkin Donuts is] on every corner of New England and your coffee tastes like bitter monkey urine. Do you really need to advertise this shit around here? Even Cumberland Farms makes better coffee."

(For you non-Massachussuans, Cumberland Farms is basically 7-Eleven with a gas station, so thems are powerful hatin' words against some ghastly coffee. Moonrat, feel free to correct me if they have Cumbies outside of MA and in your ol' stomping grounds.)

For some reason, these new Dunkin' Donuts commercials get farther under his skin than anything else I can think of. First it was karate mom, and now it's cinnamon penises (his words, not mine) with an incessant song. Take it away They Might Be Giants! This one's for you, Hugguh Bear!


From round 2 of the 2006 Dunkin' Donuts ad campaign, "American Runs On Dunkin'". Music by They Might Be Giants.

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Bluenana said...

Sorry for the broken video. The working video is posted up on 11/19. Thanks!