Friday, November 17, 2006

It's about damn time!

For months, Nikki's been gushing with rave reviews about the new season of The Wire while Matt Yglesias has been parsing each episode with the same gravity as blogging on the crisis of our foreign policy agenda. With all that buzz, catching up on the last few seasons of The Wire is a no-brainer, but my momentum has long been stalled because Season 1, Disc 1 has been sitting in my Netflix queue with a "Very Long Wait" for around two months now!

The funny thing is, only Season 1, Disc 1 has a wait, but not any other disc on any other season. (Yeah, and by funny, I mean fucking annoying.) I could just imagine all those Disc 1s out there going to waste as drink coasters and frisbees--being used as anything other than a DVD because no one is watching and/or returning them!

Please understand, I have an undiagnosed TV-watching condition. I am a Galactus who devours whole seasons of shows at an alarming rate. I am Locutus of Borg. I must assimilate The Wire and resistance is futile. I leach off of the fake lives on my TV screen. It's not a normal symbiotic relationship that TV and I have. No, it's completey parasitic. Instead of living my life, I'm watching someone else's, and man is it entertaining and better than mine!

After a ripe ol' shitty day at the office, lo and behold what I find in my mailbox. Yes'm. The Netflix gods have smiled upon me--and despite the "Short Wait"-- I now have Disc 1 in my greasy palms. And I thought I didn't have any plans this weekend? Phshaw!!

Side note: In my defense, I didn't have HBO in college, so this show slipped my radar when it first aired. Plus, after graduation my attention was fully consumed by the illustrious Carnivale. May it rest in peace! Or better yet, may it rise up from the ashes and be reborn like the Phoenix that it is. (wild cackling laughter)

Side note to the side note: Every poorly used comic book reference here deserves a proper shout out to my better half.

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