Monday, November 20, 2006

Week of Wii

Holy Mother of God! This boy is living the great American (more likely Japanese) dream and I may stay up for too many hours tonight voyeuristically living my life through him. (Aforementioned TV-watching problem.) Someone is playing the Wii everyday straight for a week, taking breaks only to sleep for 4 hours (2am-6am), and run to the potty. Oh, and did I mention...he's filming the whole thing live via webcam!!

Seriously, this is like geek porn and it's so getting bumped up to #1 in defense of unemployment. Lucky bastard!

Please excuse me while I go throw a hissy fit.

1 comment:

hugguhbear said...

I wish he would stop playing zelda. It's torture. For me strapping me down and keeping my eyes open while someone played the newest zelda through to the end would be far worse than any waterboarding or car battery w/jumper cables attached to my nut sack.