Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Wound-Up Penguin" dailies

Dear Wonderfalls fans:

I'm sorry that I'm an editorial assistant and don't make very much money, because if I had a better job, I would have been able to buy this and share it with you all.

When I first saw this on eBay, it had two days left in the auction and the price was at $51.00. In a dizzy moment of J.Crew-like frenzy, money didn't matter and I was convinced that I would win this piece of merch. 128 minutes of raw, unaired Wonderfalls dailies footage from "Wound-Up Penguin." Who knows what's in here! Caroline Dhavernas and Tyron Leitso stumbling over their lines and laughing uncontrollably? Tracie Thoms pulling pranks on the poor lowly grip? Katie Finneran kissing random female extras in an attempt to authenticize her screen lesbian persona? Yes, I did imagine a Wonderfalls viewing party to unveil this prize. Wax lion giveaways and barrel bear beers for everyone!

Unfortunately, $202.50 is way out of my budget for needful things, and I had to let this item go. If spiralout9 has a Wonderfalls soul, he/she will rip this DVD and post it on YouTube for us poor folk to watch.

In the meantime, we can enjoy this little goody goody that I found on the Tube. It's the unaired pilot with the original Mahandra and Aaron. Enjoy!!

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Nikki said...

Unaired Wonderfalls pilot? My God, Bluenana, is it my birthday? Has Jesus come again? Hallelujah! I'll also pass it on to Lexi.

Love, love the blog. Hope you're enjoying your last day of freedom. See you in the dungeon tomorrow. Your leg irons will be waiting.