Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Thanksgiving, to whoever is reading this. Today is also my grandmother's birthday and this is the first year I didn't mail her a birthday card. I paused at CVS when buying a card for my mother, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, because this is one of those "first" moments that I store and remember when I'm wallowing in a pit of depression.

I love how kids send letters to Santa and the post office knows how to handle them. I just wish the post office knew how to deliver cards to people who have passed away. I still want to shop for the birthday cards, Mother's Day cards, Christmas, and Easter cards. I want to stand in the aisles reading dozen of cards and look for the schmaltziest one that comes remotely close to how much I love her. I'm not ready to stop sending cards, but where do I send them?

Lacking an answer to that question, I am sending out a beloved birthday wish to my Lola. Out here in the ether, it's possible that my message will be delivered.

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moonrat said...

porque tambien somos lo que hemos perdido.