Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Modern Love

Best. Wedding Present. Ever.

When two hardcore gamers (Dave and Elly) were getting married, their many programmer friends decided to put their skills to excellent use and create--you guessed it--a videogame for and of the couple, unveiled at their wedding reception. I present to you, the Tokyopia Wedding Game.

The storyline is incredibly cute: Donkey Kong stumbles across a newspaper with the couple's wedding announcment, mistaking Elly for Princess Peach and Dave for Mario. Determined to foil the wedding, Donkey Kong breaks into the couple's house, steals their wedding ring, and takes off for Tokyo.

And that's when the game begins with a display of a classic start screen. The couple's realization that this video presentation was an actual playable videogame is my favorite moment. Wireless controls were passed out and the fun began!

The game is Wario Ware-esque with mini games that both Dave and Elly needed to complete, stage-by-stage, in order to defeat Donkey Kong and finally get married. This is going down in the books as, by far, the best wedding present I've ever seen. I could only dream of being able to add this to my wedding registry!

[via Kotaku & via Hugguh Bear]

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moonrat said...

Dammit. Does this mean I have until August 08 to learn how to game program? I better get on it...