Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aerie Tuesdays

For a long time Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite TV shows, so of course, when the news hit that Amy Sherman-Palladino was leaving, I was among the throngs of fans who collectively cried out into the ether.

No surprise, I hated the first episode of the season (I liked calling it the Fake Fendi), but I stuck around for the second. Hated that one too and I was gone for good. My DVD collection will simply have to stop at Season 6 and I can live with that. This is only because I'm a TV addict and have commitments elsewhere to help fill my time. Virginia Heffernan at the Times wrote a spot-on review, which I will link to here, because I'm no Virginia Heffernan.

In light of this, what on earth possessed me to plug into the CW tonight? I haven't a clue, but I do know that what I hate more than the Gilmore Girls is this Aerie Tuesday b.s. Aside from the fact that it's sponsored by American Eagle, sister to Abercrombie & Fitch, or as I like to call it, Only Whites Allowed, it's the perfect pairing for the Gilmore Girls. A bunch of girls (and the token Asian) sit around in their AE clothes and say things like, "Can you belive what Lorelai did?" "OMG, yeah!," which is their deep commentary to the current episode of Gilmore Girls. Although, now that every snarky comment and super smart and obscure reference has been drained from the show, the Aerie girls and Gilmore Girls deserve each other. They can enjoy the company of fellow empty vessels with their vacuous looks and dialogue death.

UPDATE 12/16/06:
I was just catching up with old issues of New York when I noticed the Aerie Girls appeared on The Approval Matrix in the 12/11 issue, in the lowbrow-despicable quadrant. Yes'm, I do flatter myself. I OUTSCOOPED NY Mag!

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