Friday, December 29, 2006

The Guinness Storehouse

Did you know that the Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease when starting his brewery? He was so confident that his business would be a success, and alas, he was right. Did you also know that they keep some of the original yeast from the time of Arthur Guinness in a secure vault and it's believed that it's this special blend of yeast created by Arthur himself that gives Guinness it's special flavor unlike any other stout?

I really wish I liked drinking. The smell of roasted barley and fresh hops are completely intoxicating and it's a smell that surrounds you around the Guinness Brewery. I tasted roasted barley and I smelled some hops and they were amazing, but it's somewhere between that and fermentation that things go wrong for me. Guinness tastes bitter and makes my stomach turn sour. In fact, I hate all alcohol. I can't even drink in that sexy social way you have to when the occasion calls for it. I'm usually sending a poor friend to the bar for me to order a Shirley Temple. (You know who you are. I'm so sorry.)

In my alternate universe, beer tastes like ginger ale, Guinness tastes like caramel, and Scotch tastes like butterscotch. And in my alternate universe, I'm an alcoholic.


moonrat said...

Proud to be of service ;)

Anonymous said...

where are yooooou

justice said...

Not even a madori sour? Now I've heard it all!

Bluenana said...

Justice, it's all been downhill since the 'Deis days. I'm afraid to say that all that hard work in building up my tolerance has evaporated.

hugguhbear said...

Roasted barley and hops.
mmm, mmm, good.