Sunday, January 14, 2007

Aspirations of Beauty

I've always wanted to be one of those naturally pretty girls born with this intuitive sense of knowing exactly how to use makeup to make you look even prettier. My mom never taught me (I think that's who is supposed to teach you) and I've always preferred chapstick or my big fat cocoa butter stick--which, incidentally, makes my better half crave fried chicken and watermelon--so alas, the whole makeup thing is forever lost on me.

[via Nikki and my boss's boss]


moonrat said...

Yes, but perhaps the lack of interest is merely you're so naturally radiant that there is no evolutionary reason for you to have inherited the GAG (Girly Application Gene)--that gene that inspires other girls to wear radiant lipgloss etc.

Just think. Some far-off day, when you're as highly evolved as I am, you might not even need soap anymore.

Bluenana said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I love that.

You flatter both of us, dear moonrat!

justice said...

I must agree w/moonrat. You have no need for frilly accessories. Would you put the Mona Lisa in an art deco frame?

hugguhbear said...

You know my opinion when it comes to you wearing makeup.

I love the way your face feels when I kiss you. Makeup takes away the softness of your forehead, cheeks, and your lips.
I prefer the genuine bluenana and not some painted over version.

Despite all of this I still love that you are a girly girl in every other respect.

Bluenana said...

Warm fuzzies make me giddy!