Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Glen Hansard vs. Jeremy Banks

The first time I ever saw The Frames perform, they were opening for Damien Rice at Avalon in Boston. When lead singer Glen Hansard walked out on the stage, my better half turned to me and quizzically said, "Is that Jeremy?" Since then we've been convinced that Jeremy's been hiding his alternate life as a rocker.

First of all, we've never actually seen these two people together in the same room. The one time we were all supposed to go to a Frames concert together, I conveniently ended up in the hospital and missed the concert. Ya lucked out, Jeremy! I heard you had a great show that night. Wish I didn't miss it.

Second of all, Jeremy scored a 98% on "Bark at the Moon" on Guitar Hero....on the expert level. Hello? That's, like, virtually impossible, unless you have a secret life as a rock god!

Third, take a look at these photos. These two people look exactly alike. Or, more to the point, they're the SAME person. (Sorry for the b/w photo, but they BOTH have red hair.)

Jeremy, why are you hiding your alterego from us? Wouldn't it make life a whole lot easier if you just admitted it? We know you're a hot lead singer of a band and your fans are legion around the world. Embrace your fame!


moonrat said...

i know you think i know nothing about video games (and really i don't), but


do you have it at your house? can i come over?

Bluenana said...

Sniff. I unfortunately do not have GH...yet! I promised Jeremy that I'd buy GH2, I'd practice a bit, and then we'd rock out. Maybe the next paycheck?

Eulalie said...

Good post.