Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Motherfucking Fox!!!

So, on Monday night, I decided to keep playing Twilight Princess with my better half instead of watching 24 because I figured that I could watch it Tuesday night online. I know! It's a crazy stupid decision, but I wasn't going to see him for over a month and we promised to only play Zelda when we're together.

Now I've discovered that Fox doesn't show episodes of 24 online anymore, so I basically have to either pay $10 for that Season 6 premiere DVD (a nice little George Lucas milk ya bone dry maneuver) or wait a few days for Netflix to get it to me.

Son. of. a. bitch. Please, NO ONE talk to me about 24 until I find some way of watching 8-10am.


moonrat said...

oh no!! this means that you're ALL out of whack because what if you haven't been able to watch the first episode by next week when the second episode comes out?!? i feel for you.

Bluenana said...

Thank you for your sympathy, but no need to worry 'cause I think I've got it all worked out. I returned a Netflix disc this morning and it should be received and processed tomorrow. Netflix will send me the next item in my queue (the premiere DVD) and I should have it by Saturday. Of course, if Netflix screws up, they'll be the next one on my shitlist.