Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oheka Castle

...and from the annals of Where I'm Not Having My Reception, I present you with the 2008 price quotes for Long Island's super posh Oheka Castle:

April through October 2008 (peak)

Site Fee:
Monday-Thursday: $7,000
Friday: $10,000
Saturday: $12,000
Sunday: $10,500

Minimum # of guests and prices per person:
Monday-Thursday: 125 people at $200pp
Friday and Sunday: 150 people on Friday at $250pp; Sunday $270pp
Saturday: 200 people (they may take 175) at $320pp
18% tax and 22% gratuity.

This whole wedding planning business is pretty stressful and the prices for everything are upsetting, but these were so far out of any normal person's budget that I laughed out loud.


moonrat said...


justice said...

With those prices I guess it doesn't matter that my wedding will be at least 300 people if I don't want to alienate anyone from my family. Is there good size ranch next door that I can rent for like $100?

Marlow_Shayne said...

I'm not surprised nor outraged at the prices for having a wedding at the Oheka castle. A lot of money goes into restoring and maintaining those places...
Plus, what were you expecting? It's a castle for crying out loud--not a rec center. They even shot that movie "The Others" there, so it's no ordinary location.