Saturday, January 13, 2007


Oh happy day! I have found another pretty pretty that is perfect for The Forest. I present you with the Tokidoki Campeggio bag in "Foresta." Foresta, of all pattern styles!

Ok, I admit that I already own a Tokidoki Campeggio bag from the very first LeSportsac line in Spring 2006, but they come out with new patterns every season. I've resisted every season since then, but I don't think I can fight it anymore. Not when a bag has this much green in it.

I'm actually a huge fan of all things Tokidoki, including this very cute figurine named Moofia: Mozzarella. I think it'd look so cute standing beside my cactus girl, Sandy, and her dog, Bastardino, both of which my doting better half procured for me.

Oh, the siren call of a pretty bag is too much for me to resist. Sigh.


silver surfer said...

Dear Galactus,

As your herald I understand that I must do your bidding, but seriously let me rest...please. There are too many pretty prettys.

yours truly,

Bluenana said...

Dear Silver Surfer,

Awww, but I hunger...


Anonymous said...

I really need that TokiDoki bag !