Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hell hath no fury

like a diehard Celine Dion fan scorned.

Holy shit, is my sister pissed. Celine Dion's final show at Caesar's Palace is on December 15th and the presale for the tickets took place today at 1pm. I was charged with buying her tickets (at the highest VIP price level) using her "Team Celine" member code. The tickets sold out on in a matter of minutes and I wasn't able to get a single ticket.**

I think she's creating an eighth level of hell for sisters who are unable to secure final show Celine Dion tickets.

**Note: In my defense, when the ticket sale went live, there was no place on the order site to input a Team Celine member code. I tried everything, but the field for Team Celine members didn't go live until about 10 minutes after the presale began. Once that happened, the tickets were sold out. Not much more I can do.

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moonrat said...

Your sister should be infinitely grateful--I mean, I hate to overstate the obvious, but you've saved her having to listen to Celine Dion.