Thursday, February 15, 2007

Marie Antoinette

If I dated women, it would probably be someone like Sofia Coppola. I think Marc Jacobs and I are on the same wavelength there.

I agree with Moonrat: Manohla Dargis sucks. And so does A.O. Scott. Whenever they dog anything, I'm almost certain that I'll love it, and I really enjoyed Marie Antoinette.

Sofia Coppola's talent is stylization and she pulls through with this movie. It was a punk period movie, and I dug it. The costumes and the music were asynchronous, in a good way, and I thought Rip Torn, Jason Schwartzmann, and Asia Argento were exceptional. Granted, Kirsten Dunst gave a take it or leave it kind of performance, but the camera loves her. Lucky girl.

The best thing about this DVD is, without a doubt, the special features, especially: Cribs with Louis XVI. Holy crap was that funny. Jason Schwartzmann is dressed as Louise Seize, who hilariously presents Versailles like a rapper.

"Yo, this is the hall of mirrors. Which is basically a hall full of mirrors. While I'm walking, I can check myself, before I wreck myself."

"This is the bedroom, the place where it all happens. That's a painting of my wife, Marie Antoinette, my woman, my goddess, my everything."

"This is the rec room where we play cards, craps, [shakes hands like throwing dice] and dominos."

"This is the velvet room, which is made of 100% red velvet. The ceiling is made of 100% pure painting."


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