Sunday, February 04, 2007

MIss Video Game Award

Just when I thought I found a pageant that I might be able to qualify for (no bathing suit required), I catch a glimpse of the competition for the Miss Video Game Award and am crestfallen.

Apparently, there are lot of hot girl gamers out there and they're all applying for this award. 15 games, 5 platforms, no holds barred.

I know I'm not cut out for this because 1. I don't know what platform I'll be required to play and there are several platforms I've never played before (Atari, Genesis, ColecoVision, possibly even the freakin' NGage, etc.), so it's tough to practice for this, and 2. I'm so not hot enough. I'm just not. I can pull off innocent, cute (on my best days), and sweet, but words like "hot" or "sexy" will never be adjectives next to my name. I know my limit.

Before the gaming starts, you first need to qualify through the first round, which is basically a popularity contest. This is more proof that no matter how old you get, people can always make you feel like the unpopular geek you thought you left behind in junior high school. Yuck and yuck.

As soon as I discovered this, I didn't even bother. People will obviously only vote for the hot girls and whether you're a good gamer or not doesn't even matter if you can't make it through this round of qualifications.

Screw that. Let's rise up and vote for the not-so hot girls who list their favorite games to be ones like Zelda OOT or Mario 64. Power to the average looking girl!


hugguhbear said...

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.

You're cute more than just occasionally and you even pull off sexy when you want to. You just don't show it off too often because you don't have to anymore.


moonrat said...

dude, i don't know if i can agree with the content of this post. i, for one, find you SMOKIN hot and if it weren't for your lack of availability and for the other pacific islander in my life i'd be dating you ALL over the place. alas we'll just have to stay good friends.

Bluenana said...

I heart you guys.