Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cat's out of the bag

Geez, Moonie. Did ya have to shoot it from the rooftops? Now we'll never get a table at Verlaine, the land of milk and honey and $4 lychee martinis.

Here's our awesomely cheap night:

  • Martinis: $4 ('course, I only had one) @ Verlaine
  • Pistachio Cupcake: $1.50 @ Sugar Sweet Sunshine, a place which I previously wrote off because I picked the wrong flavor cupcake, but now have been reborn
  • Sesame pancakes & dumplings: $2 @ Fried Dumpling
  • A night of cheap goodness and a full tummy: priceless

1 comment:

moonrat said...

me and my big mouth.....which is just the perfect sizze for a vodka-soaked lychee...