Sunday, March 04, 2007

This website has been quite invaluable to me in the wedding planning process so far, but I've held back from signing up for an account and participating in the chat forum. I now know why.

Since signing up with at 7:49 pm last night, I now have 26 spam wedding emails at 3:42 pm the next day. Crap. Yeah, that may not sound like a lot right now, but just give it time. Spam follows an exponential curve no matter what you do, which is why I abandoned by AOL account.

But yet, I couldn't help but want to announce our wedding in the forum in the hopes of finding my "date twin." There are tons of people getting married on 8/8/08, for obvious reasons, but no one other than me and HB for 8/3/08. Fox Hollow actually holds two parties at a time, but I'm starting to see that our date is not all that popular so far. Who knows, maybe we can have the place all to ourselves if everyone decides to get married the following weekend.

Well, the other thing holding me back from signing up for the liweddings forum is my innate fear of other brides. The Other Bride is so much smarter, so much savvier, and so much prettier than me. The Other Bride was born to get married and doesn't need the big purple 3-ring binder wedding planner, the books, the worksheets, and the magazines that I refer to everyday. Oh, the other bride.


moonrat said...

OB is a myth. You're gonna be great.

moonrat said...

Ok, now this has nothing to do with your post, so advance apologies, but I'm SO up for a cupcake. My entire weekend was essentially ruined by person A's behavior. Someone we both like a lot had their feelings very seriously hurt and I'm so embar[r]assed that I put them in that position by trusting person A to behave. So so upsetting. Ugh.