Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My mom won a diamond necklace!!!

Tonight my parents took me to the "biggest bridal showcase in Long Island" to explore our photographer/videographer/DJ/band/limo/flower options and of course, some free cake. As we were parking at the Marriott in Melville, I jokingly told them that there were two main reasons we came tonight: a $10,000 prize for a bride and groom and a $1,000 diamond necklace for a mother of the bride. "You hear that, Mom?" I said, "You could win a DIAMOND necklace tonight." The last thing I expected was that we would win anything, least of all one of the grand prizes.

I know everyone feels this way about their mother, but my hardworking, arthritis-ridden, aches and pains mom deserves some shortcuts in life and a little ease and comfort. However, in lieu of all that, I think she'll take the diamond necklace.

So, here's how it happened:

The MC announced that he had two prizes for two mothers of brides in the room. (Excited cheers.) He called the first name and the winning mom squealed and made her way to the stage. He called a second name--Lynn DiGregorio--and no response. He called the name again and there was some commotion, so it seemed like Lynn was in the room, but she wasn't coming to the stage. After a few more minutes the MC said, "Lynn, are you here? I've got another name here, so if you don't come to the stage I'll have to call the next name." No Lynn.

He called, "C******...I don't want to butcher this last name." My heart lept! My eleven-letter last name's AKA has always been "I don't want to butcher this last name." Could it possibly be my mom? Finally, the dear ol' MC calls out our last name and I scream, "Mom, you won!!!" I usher her onto the stage and take this super excited picture of her:

I'm so happy for my mom and I can't stop saying so! Excuse the mushiness, but seeing my mom this happy was worth way more than a $10,000 prize.


Bavarian said...

Go MOM!!!! That's so cool!!! You rock Mom!!! Her lucky streak is back!!!

Emma Adams said...

GOOOOO CHRISTINES MOM GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! your great :) well done :) You deserve it. Cant wait to see you :)

Bluenana said...

Thanks ladies!! I'll pass along the super excited well wishes to mom!!

Emma, how are you?? So nice to see you around these parts. Sad that I didn't get to see you and Gizmo while in Dublin this past Christmas, but I'm sure they'll be another opportunity to see each other soon. :)

moonrat said...

your mom is so cute!! the picture makes me even more happy for her!