Thursday, March 29, 2007


I was dying of thirst, so I ventured out of my room tonight in search of the vending machine. After hearing the ice machine grumble and make all kinds of completely unnatural noises (and the vending machine was sold out of practically everything), I started wildly pressing every button on the machine to get my drink--any drink--as quickly as possible so I could run screaming (in my head) back to my room like the scaredy cat I am.

Why is it that the vending machine and the ice machine are always out of the ways in this teeny corner of the hall that is most terrifying place in the entire hotel? Wtf? All I could think was redrum. Great, now I'll never fall asleep.


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hugguhbear said...

Tell me about it. When I've gone to get ice at (insert any hotel not named Porches)I've expected a troll to come out of the shadows and ask me to solve a riddle or a gang of portuguese longshoremen to hideously violate me.

A boy can dream, can't he.