Friday, March 02, 2007

POLL: To eat free food or not to eat free food?

That is my question. Here's the rewind:

HB and I have settled on Fox Hollow, contracts and all, so we're all set with the reception hall. However, all the other places we've visited don't know that. In fact, they've all called/emailed to ask when we'd like to set up a tasting.

All of the other places we've seen had very appealing menus, so I wouldn't mind a taste. But, is it right or wrong to take free food from other caterers when you've already signed contracts?

Please advise in the comments.

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moonrat said...

this is a no-brainer!! you can even do it in good conscience because eventually you'll have other friends who get married and they'll need to do all this research themselves if you don't do it for them.

or i can do that research for them, i suppose. do i look like a bluenana?