Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Saving Grace of St. Louis a restaurant called Yemanji Brasil where my dinner consisted of:

  • Appetizer: fried yucca root sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese and served with a curry dipping sauce
  • Soup: shrimp bisque served with fresh bread and seasoned butter
  • Entree: seared tilapia smothered with a vegetable and coconut sauce served over a bed of rice and topped with melted parmesan cheese
  • Dessert: coconut bread pudding served on a bed of caramel cream sauce and topped with toasted coconut shavings and a marachino cherry

It's been a long hard two days and this dinner came close to making the misery go away. However, I still want my memory sticks back you mysterious thieving fuck!

('course I just had to end that gloriously delicious post with a taste of bitterness)


moonrat said...

oooooooooh i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it

Nikki said...

Yum! If I am ever stranded in St. Louis, I'll be sure to go. Oh and Connie I got my wedges and the Nordstrom trench is my new favorite thing.