Monday, April 02, 2007

Sticking it to The Man

It's no secret that this trip to St. Louis hasn't been kind to me, so I decided to collect. Since I can't expense my two stolen memory sticks (and all the other shit that's happened), I got paid back in ridiculously extravagant food.

Saturday night, we went to a super fancy Italian restaurant called Kemoll's and I ordered:

  • battered and fried artichoke hearts with a horseradish dipping sauce
  • two deeelicious lobster tails with melted butter and alfredo penne with sun dried tomatoes
  • bananas foster, which was prepared at our table to much flaming excitement!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Happy tummy!


moonrat said...


i have a lot of neeeeeews! we need to talk. also, you're only mildly allergic to cats, right?

justice said...

Oh, I would kill for some good Lobster. Was St. Louis Lobster better than New England Lobster? I'm sure its better than Texas Lobster!

Bluenana said...

Man were those fried artichokes good! We must find a NY fried artichoke connection.

The lobster was a lot better than I thought a middle state lobster would be. However, it was no Maine lobster for sure. But hey, I wasn't paying for it!