Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

For many people I know, this movie easily ranks on personal Top 5 All-Time Favorite Movies and for obvious, good reasons.

I've always felt a superficial connection to Clementine's free spirit and awesome movie wardrobe because we both have the same pink striped panties that she wears in the scene where Clementine is helping Joel figure out how to stop the memory erasing. They're in Joel's apartment and she's sittin on the coach next to him and the camera looks down at her crotch to show pink striped panties. Yeah, I have those too. They're from a Valentine's Day 3-pack panty set from the Gap (pink stripes, white with pink and red hearts, and red with white "I love you" printed all over).

Sorry, I'll stop rambling now. Since Netflix shafted me this weekend, I decided to rewatch this movie on DVD and I started reassessing how I feel about it. This is one of Nikki's favorite movies, but when we talked about it, she said that it's a very sad movie for her. I was surprised by her take and told her that I always thought the movie was very uplifting.

I see her point: Joel and Clementine might have a fresh start in their relationship, but they're doomed to fall into the same pitfalls and split up again. When I watched the movie with that in mind, it broke my heart. I always saw this movie as evidence that you can't help who you love, no matter what you try to do. Joel and Clementine are soul mates and not even erasing each other from their memories can tear them apart.

Now I'm torn. Any lovers of this movie out there? Would you care to jump into the fray on this?

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