Sunday, April 29, 2007

A girl can only hold out for so long

before burning a small hole in her pocket. This weekend's acquisitions:

This gorgeous belted shirtdress by Doo Ri from the Gap's Design Edition:

And a professional Waring waffle iron that makes beautiful, round, deep belgian waffles. Mmmmm!!! Now I just need to learn how to cook!


moonrat said...

you could have been spared all this had you just come to jackson heights for filipino food!

although the waffle iron makes it all worthwhile.

hugguhbear said...

my blue,

just like pooky (chris rock) in new jack city fighting off his urge for crack.

"It's callin' me."

justice said...

So, is the plan to buy some "potential" wedding gifts now to make for clothes on the registry? I think its a great plan!