Wednesday, May 16, 2007

28 Weeks Later

In reparation for my working in St. Louis last month on the weekend, craphole city that it is, I took a comp day today to chill with my better half. Our main goal for today was to see 28 Weeks Later, which was so EFFING SCARY. Yes, I knew it would be scary, but it was easily scarier than the first one.

Initially, I didn't know if they'd be able to pull off a whole new cast of characters for a sequel, but it worked out great. Stringer Bell was in it and played Stringer Bell (just kidding) and I learned an important lesson. No matter what country you're in, kids are stupid and can never be trusted to follow instructions, even if it means getting mauled to death by a zombie.

Kid: "Dad, can I leave the safe zone to get some stuff back at our old house?"
Dad: "No son, it's dangerous out there because they haven't finished burning all the rage-infected zombie corpses. Besides, didn't you hear all the American soldiers tell you a dozen times that it's dangerous out there and you could spread the rage virus, which has only been tenuously suppressed, and we're still at risk of another outbreak if you leave the safe zone?"
Kid: "But I WANNA GO HOME and get my favorite pair of Vans and pictures of Mom before she became a zombie."
Dad: "You fucking kids will never learn."

Riiiight. Basically, the fate of the world rests with some kid who wants to go home for sneakers and a picture. Fantastic.

UPDATE: Moonrat points out that I didn't actually finish making an argument in this post (d'oh!), so I'll complete that now. Despite my frustration with the fact that the fate of the world is dependent on a couple of irresponsible and selfish pre-teens, this was still an awesome and terrifying movie. Anyone following trailers or who enjoyed 28 Days Later will be surprised by who gets infected and by the arc of this movie. Fortunately 28 Weeks Later was not a victim of the sequel curse, so go see it and bring someone who won't mind you burying your face into their shoulder or clutching tightly.

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moonrat said...

so...was it actually good? i can't tell if you're being sarcastic...