Friday, July 06, 2007

Porches: The Official Getaway of EVERY editor in NYC

I came to North Adams, MA to get away from work, but it's inescapable and especially at Porches. At breakfast yesterday morning, I heard snippets of yet another bitchy conversation about editors and agents from a group of almighty New York editors. Moonrat's ex-boss queen lookalike was there bellowing things like, "Frederica Friedman? Oh my gawsh, she's horrible!"

Porches has been my safehaven with HB for 7 years now. When I desperately need to relax and not stress about anything, Porches is our place to go. The chocolate croissants and Vermont cheddar cheese in the breakfast nook and the fluffy down comforters in the rooms make all my troubles disappear. However, I must face reality and accept the truth that our getaway has been breached by the enemy. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Apparently, I haven't been keeping up with my Publisher's Weeklys because I DID NOT get the memo that every editor in New York is now summering in North Adams. However, HB likes to think that we got here first and those editors are summering in our home. Plus, we don't summer, we vacay.

Get out of our house, bitches!


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you need a Porches exorcism!