Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Roasted Bluenana

Tonight I discovered that there is a limit to how long one can stay in a hot tub and that length of time is definitely less than one hour.

Now that I'm rosy pink all over and completely lathered in aloe vera, I can look back on the time in the hot tub and reflect on the important questions in life, such as "do boobs float"? The hot Brazilian girl in the barely there bikini had floaters which I suspect were gifts from her father.

Since no one will ever buy me enhanced body parts, I'm hoping that boobs DON'T float. It'll make me feel a lot better.


Rodrigo said...

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moonrat said...

hahaha that's what you get for mentioning brazilian boobs.

thanks for your excellent detective work re: circumcision. i wish i could now help out with YOUR mystery but alas *i* don't have anything that floats at all.

moonrat said...

besides, wouldn't "parboiled" be more appropriate than "roasted" for a post title?