Friday, May 04, 2007


Since it's Friday and I've made a habit of not working (or just being mentally incapable of focusing on important projects), I discovered the third dimension of Flickr: groups.

I know, I know. "Duh, Blue. Where've ya been?" Seriously though, I've just been using Flickr as a storage device for my photos. I was hoping to build up my contact list with friends to share pictures of what life is like in New York and I could see what life is like down in San Antonio and DC, but it turns out that a lot of my friends either a) don't have a camera, b) don't have the inclination to take pictures, or c) are too lazy to put their photos up online. Tsk tsk tsk.

Now that I've discovered all these amazing groups, my mind is bubbling over with photo projects! There's a whole group devoted to nothing but photos of Queens and no one represents Queens Village yet (project #1). There's this cool challenge where you take a self-portrait every day for a year and the photos are pooled into a group (project #2). That's a pretty intense project. One photo a day doesn't sound like much, but it'll take a lot of creativity before it photos look monotonous or boring day after day. I don't think I'm ready to commit to that one yet.

Anyway, if I can get my ass out of bed tomorrow, I think I might start my Queens Village project. Represent, yo.

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moonrat said...

go you!!!

can you please work on this and gradually become a professional photographer, because then i would know a photographer i could get to take pictures for free whereas other people charge thousands of dollars.