Friday, May 04, 2007

I'd rather be...

A great picture I found while Flickr surfing. Strph has beautiful photos.

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moonrat said...

So hey...I tried surfing today. I thought it was a good way to reach out, seeing as I want to get more traffic on my blog so that the colorful pieces of the pie on my country sitemeter will be more interesting than they are right now (victory!!! someone logged on from Norway!!!). so i was clicking through to next blog, next blog, etc, but SO many of the blogs were either in russian or spanish, or were actually smutty porn or just smutty smut-related sites (some of them didn't even make sense--there was a lot of "Gay Porn Bush Paris Hilton Scandal" and various random meaningless permutations of pretty works like that. sigh. i couldn't find a single person's blog that i wanted to post on (thereby soliciting a polite reciprocal post and therefore site visit).

how very sad.