Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sexy Back

I had my followup meeting with my trainer today and my workout routine is now topping at around 2 hours and 10 minutes in the gym, if I do my ab work at home. Pheww!

Because I have no point of reference (I've been a bonafide couch potato nearly all my life), I have no idea how intense this is. It feels like fucking murder on my body, but them endorphins feel sooo good. The rundown:

  1. 10 minutes of cardio
  2. chest presses-36 reps
  3. shoulder presses-36 reps
  4. bicep curls-36 reps
  5. tricep extensions-36 reps
  6. glutes-36 reps
  7. leg extensions-36 reps
  8. 45 more minutes of cardio
  9. the scary sounding ABDUCTOR for inner thighs-45 reps
  10. outer thighs-45 reps
  11. standing row for the *hopefully* sexy back-45 reps
  12. a whole bunch of nauseating crunches

If I leave work exactly at 5pm and head to the gym, I'm lucky if I make it home by 9:30pm, then I eat, shower, and collapse. I have NO TIME to do anything else. I vote for the 36-hour day. Come on people, who's with me!?


moonrat said...

I'd settle for 28!!!

moonrat said...

ps, go you!

Justice said...

I'm so proud. You're turning into a regular gym rat. Just wait until you start taking to the other gym rats. (or have I crossed an urbanite line?)(or possibily a Bluenana line?)

Bluenana said...

I've drawn a line! Right there. The line has been drawn!