Wednesday, May 09, 2007

To the guy who called me a bitch on the subway,

I squealed "ouch" when you sat down because not only did you crush my leg, but your keys, cell phone, switch blade, and whatever else you keep in your pocket gashed my thigh and I thought I might be bleeding or worse, have a tear in my dress.

Mind your shit and fuck off,


moonrat said...

Rar!! Vengeance!

moonrat said...


moonrat said...

Humm. Neither of those really looks right.

Bluenana said...

You got it right the first time!

Justice said...

thank you for reminding me how much I love having the personal space, security, and karaoke time in my CAR! Even if I have to pay for the damn gas! Clearly, I will get a more environmentally friendly car when I can afford it, but for now, be grateful my childhood dream of owning a big Ass truck has been assassinated by Al Gore!

hugguhbear said...

Do people have to suck all the more than usual in the city.

I get it. You rude motherfuckers live in the "great" city that never sleeps, but you guys might need some sleep to maybe adjust your overall lousy personality.

Most of the times that I've been down there visiting my dear blue I get treated to some of the most depraved displays of rudeness.
Sometimes I just wish that 20 foot rise in the Atlantic that good ol' chicken little Al Gore spoke of in An Inconvenient Truth would come and wash away the filth and garbage, i.e. a large majority of the self centered motherfuckers who inhabit the City of Nuevo Yorke, obviously with the exception of the people I know and care about.

Why can't you pieces of shit treat well dressed young ladies, as I'm sure my blue was impeccably decked out in her work atire, properly and just apologize when you've obviously been in the wrong and injured someone.

Oh, wait, maybe because you just rolled out of bed loathing the fact that your life isn't everything that it should've been. You didn't get that fryalator promotion that you were hoping for. Or that job as head shit eater was filled.

Anyway, to the guy who called my blue a bitch, fuck off and I hope your castrated courtesy of your swiss army knife that you apparently find necessary to tote around in the city. You live in the fucking city, you don't need it.

I think I'm going to be a great pissed off New Yorker.

I think I'm going to cut down on listening to Tool. I think I'll start listening to Donny Osmond again.

Bluenana said...

Justice: Exxx-cellent! No more Ford F-150 super crew!

HB: You're gonna make a fine, fine New Yorker.